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Court Consulting Services

Legal Psychology - Scientific Court Behavior Evaluation.

A. Trial approach and strategies

  • Case Coaching - We develop a learning relationships which help the attorneys to take charge of their own development, to release their potential and to achieve results which they value.

  • Subject Management - using scientific data (neuroscience) we evaluate the subjects can be persuasive for the judge/juror to develop and organize the case facts and deliver effective the case theory.

B. Qualitative & Quantitative Research

  • Social Geographic Data Evaluation

  • Case Subjects Survey

  • Mock Trials & Focus Groups

C. Evidence Projection & Methodology - Neuropsychological & neurolinguistic techniques are applies in the process to show and communicate the judge/juror the evidence of the case (scientific data & behavior evidence analysis).

  • Case Projection - We evaluate the psychological, personalities and emotional issues can be essential factors on the case and help with the developing of the opening and close statement can be persuade in the decision making (judge/juror).

D. Jury Selection - In the process we use methodological techniques observation (active & no active) and analysis of the potential jurors, the voir dire questioning and responses on the potential juror questionnaires and relate these specific responses and behaviors to the predesigned preferred-plaintiff and defense profiles.

E. Voir Dire - Focus in specific variables of the case, we develop analysis and an extensive database of litigation research, preferred-plaintiff and defense juror profiles are developed along with jury questionnaires and voir dire questions based on these profiles.

F. Trial Monitoring - We analyze the trial process to evaluated juror or judge reactions to opening statements, particular witnesses, motions, or demonstrative evidence. Focus in verbal and no verbal behaviors to identify issues can be projected o created confusion or misinterpretation.

G. Witness Preparation - We bring “COACHING” to help the witness' confidence, credibility, geniality, and clarity while on stand. These projections are essential to the positive presentation of the case. (Perception)

H. Post-Trial Evaluations - We evaluate the principals’ issues after the trial: media case projection, juror misinterpretation, judge, prosecutor and defense lawyers case management (Case presentation, perception and psychological issues in the decision making).

Investigative Psychology Consulting

Behavior Investigation Adviser (BIA)

The Behavior Investigation Adviser (BIA), is the liaison with the law enforcement agencies and private sector investigations units (civil/criminal), to identify and develop intelligence, that help establish behavioral evidence to be analyze with a strict scientific and empirical methodology.

  • Criminal & Civil Cases: Develop and Analysis of Behavior Evidence

  • Offender Profiling

  • Crime Scene Assessment & Hypothesis Generation

  • Interview and Interrogation (Neurolinguistics Methodology)

  • Case Media Advice

Cases Specialization: Intellectual Property, Money Laundering, Fraud & Corruption.


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